Jewelries are expensive form of accessories. Its a kind of personal adornment. It comes in a piece or a set especially designed to make the wearer look classy and elegant. Originally its main function is to pronounce the social status of the wearer. It means that the more jewellery or the more pricey the jewellery a person wears, the higher his/her status is in the society. That’s the reason of the existence of crowns. You can never wear one unless you’re of regal status. Even up to these days, in pageantry, proms, and homecomings, only the winning kings and queens get to wear the crown. This article will further discuss the different functions of jewellery since then until now.

Jewellery as Currency

Before, in some cultural practices, dowries come in forms of jewelleries. You can also buy off a land with a piece of jewellery before and it has happened in third world countries. You can even see treasure hunting movies with treasure chests where the contents are jewelleries. This only shows that jewelleries were truly used as currency. Nowadays, jewelleries can be converted into money. If you have inherited a piece or set of jewelleries or have dug it beneath your house, you can freely exchange it for money. There are a lot of shops that buy jewelleries for money. A tip of the wise, make sure you know the real value of the piece you’re trying to sell because a lot of crooks would take advantage of your naiveté.

Jewellery with functions

The fashion industry nowadays have designers for jewelleries with functions. You can commonly see jewel pieces worn as part of the clothing ensemble, but, with functions. It could be a belt, a clasp, a bejeweled phone, a hair pin, brooches, and many more. These things were originally made for function but has now evolved into something that gives the wearer a distinct air of style and a chance to spend some money with his credit card

Jewellery as symbols

Jewelleries as symbols existed then until now. A wedding ring could symbolize the union of two different people in the eyes of god. An engagement ring symbolizes a woman soon to be married. In some ancient cultures such as in Egypt, the scarab jewel, a sacred Egyptian symbol, was thought to carry special powers. In Greece, jewelries were made according to the image of their gods. Jewelleries as symbols truly transcend through time, culture, and tradition. Religiously, the Christian crucifix and the Star of David symbolizes a certain group or community of believers.

Jewellery as protection

Jewelleries as protections were common in the old times. Ankhs and Khamsa were worn to ward off evil spirits. It was believed to hold special powers from the good spirits thus can repel the power of the evil spirits. This belief was so common in some cultures before. You can rarely hear about this these days.